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Saturday, 29 March 2014

My name is Sachin! #whats in a name !

“Sachin” the first thing when you hear this name I know you’ll be thinking about the god of cricket! That’s what happens ever since I was kid when people asked what is your name ? I told sachin and they would add  wazzup Tendulkar? That would bring a smile on my face automatically as I love sachin ever since kid,yes sachin the lil master !

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I was wondering what sachin means when I was kid and asked mom and I got it means “truth”. When I googled it I got so much answers like, another name of the Hindu god Shiva .the essence ,existence, it is derived from latin word which means “precious” also I found this

People with this name tend to be very inspired, intuitive, and creative. Their aim is to improve the world and can be quite altruistic. They strive to see the "Big Picture" and achieve their dreams.

I found this true indeed I do get inspired by many and I think I’m creative. I love my name lot !! I do have nicknames like sacchii, sachuu and one of my best friend calls sachz ! I love my name because ,

1.   Obvious reason named after sachin who inspires me lot.
     2.    Sachin means precious!

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Yes my name means lot to me!

This is a pic which inspires me lot!

My fav quote !

 “Enjoy your game and chase your dreams, dreams do come true!!” 
        -Sachin ramesh tendulkar

        I wonder how sachin stays down to earth even though he has achieved lot! Such a good human being! He proved he is  precious indeed ! so do I like to prove! So chasing my dreams!

Keep smiling :)
  -Sachin Prabhu 


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Beautiful bird in crate

Beautiful bird locked in crate
Filled with hope and hate
While all she can do is age in cage
Her master says hey  birdy sing
But all she can do is flap her wing
She cries everyday  for freedom
But none cares about her tantrum
Beautiful bird locked in crate
Filled with hope and hate 
One day suddenly the door is opened 
She just rushes out leaving her master stunned
Bird finally enjoys her freedom in blue sky
Free from dark cage where she used to cry

         Keep smiling :)
         -Sachin Prabhu

Saturday, 22 March 2014

what is happiness ?

Hello there! Here are some of the stuff which brings happiness for me, what's yours?

Happiness is reaching out to the sky!

Happiness is being with your mother who loves you unconditionally

Happiness is finding light in darkness.

Happiness is capturing the world's fastest running animal in a 

Happiness is watching a leaf reaching the sun!

Happiness is finding golden leaf!

Happiness is gift of amazing view of nature from a hill top

Keep Smiling

-Sachin Prabhu B

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Best friends

We come across so many people in our lifetime, some become friends and some of them will get best place, yeah best friends! We also have some people like they approach you when they need and rest of time vanish and leave no sign! They just act like friends.

 So what are best friends like ? let me mention some of the points 

·       They are people with whom you can speak your heart out and they will be with you all the time no matter what happens
·       Best friend is the kind of person who knows you inside and out and yet associates with you anyway. They love you to the core!
·       They know your darkest secrets and will keep them forever.
·       They know your flaws and disregard them happily and help you out.
·       They hold your hand and be with you when you cry like a baby and when you laugh they will laugh with you.

          Well you might be thinking of them now reading this!! Yeah its common according to human psychology chill! People find best friends in different perspective, it can be based on same views they share, ideas that are in common, it can be your parents, a pet like dog, cat, books! Yea books are best friends to some people and they love reading! Many possibilities! 

         Social networking is a trend today and sites like Facebook and twitter is a way to find new friends. Unlike in olden days friends were the people with whom you used to interact in real world today people get to tend in a virtual world and believe some guy or girl on the other part of world is a friend just because he is in friend list on Facebook. In many rare cases there is a possibility to find a best friend this way but we can’t go on searching for a best friend can we ? so chuck it and stop being presentable to people and be yourself and you’ll get friends around you and ultimately a best by chance. Ultimately all have one or more best friends.


           Most of the time some people believe that girl and boy cant be best friends! Why can’t a girl and boy be best friends? its totally possible! Well considering the scenario in India its parents who say this and keep their daughters away from a guy when it comes to boy being best friend or they misinterpret that they are in love! Funny isn’t it? yeah it is ! can’t help it’s the mindset of people. Are you facing this? then go and just explain your parents its not that way and even your friends who make up stories.

          Life is a short so live it up! And with best of friends around you can make your journey joyful! Sometimes you must be your own best friend! So you know your best friends and yeah even the people who stab your back faking it! And most importantly don’t lose your best friends in search of new one’s.

Keep smiling :) 

-        Sachin Prabhu
Sunday, 16 March 2014

Try and try again till you succeed

Have you ever felt so low that things are not going right with your work and you feel like giving up ? Have you felt like “No I can’t make it anymore” ? Have you felt like why am I failing even though I am trying hard to win? Well here’s a story I want to share. Maybe after reading it you will change your perception.

It was bright sunny day and Neeraj is on a journey to God’s own country that is Kerala for holiday with his parents. Neeraj is a 9 year young kid who is a cute kid, mischievous and loves adventures. He is excited as he is going to Kerala to meet his grandparents who live in a 200 year old big royal palace.  Neeraj and his parents reach the huge palace. As it was midnight by the time they reached they slept once they reached the room.

        Neeraj gotup in a shock to hear a loud sound . He woke up and ran in a direction of sound and as he was going he met his dad and asked him what was that big loud sound? Dad got hold of neeraj’s hands and they both went out of palace. Dad showed him a gigantic animal with big trunk. Niraj was seeing it for first time.  It was elephant ! well it was not just one elephant but it was around 10 elephants trumpeting. He was so happy to see them. Among the elephants there was a baby elephant playing with its mother. Neeraj wanted to touch that baby elephant. The guard came and separated the baby elephant from its mother and chained it to a tree. Neeraj was sad to see elephant chained. After a while Neeraj’s dad took his son back to palace. Neeraj wanted to be with elephants but his dad din’t allow him.

        That night when everyone was asleep adventurous niraj sneeked out of palace and went to see the elephants. He just wanted to see the baby elephant so desperately. The baby elephant was tied up with strong iron chains to a tree near it.He went near it and touched the baby elephant. He felt immense happiness! He was with the baby elephant for hours ! he dint even realize it was late. Neeraj’s dad somehow gotup and to his shock his son was gone out of bed! He wokeup his wife and told his son was gone! She was scared! He searched the palace but couldn’t find his son. He got out of palace. He was bewildered. He went to see if his son is with elephants he saw his son with baby elephant! He dragged him and asked him are you nuts ? you are with an elephant in middle of night. Poor neeraj just said he wanted to touch the baby elephant.

 By that time guard who takes care of elephants also came out of his sleep. Neeraj asked him why is the little elephant chained ? he wanted him to get rid of  it. He was surprised to see that big elephants are just tied with loose rope to a tree. The guard replied that elephants try to get rid of chains when they are young. By the time they get big they will be in state of mind that they think its chained with strong chains even though its just a mere rope.  So the trick is to tie the elephants with strong chains when they are young and by the time they get big they won’t even realize they are so strong they can even uproot a tree even though it is tied with a rope. The big elephants won’t even try to get out because once upon a time even it was chained to a tree and it had tried so much back then. It’l be in a state of mind that “No! I cant make it anymore”. That is how elephants are tamed.

      So from the story we can see how gaint elephant gets itself into a state of mind that it won’t even try to get out even though it has got the all the strength in the world to uproot a tree and destruct everything around it but is just held by a rope!

       All I wanted to convey from this story is Never giveup! What if you are failed to get rid of problems once try again! You never know how strong you  are unless you try again. Don’t giveup! Face the problem with a will that you can solve it. So what are you ? strong elephant who has no hopes has all the strengths or baby elephant who fights the problem bravely ?  

Keep smiling J

-Sachin Prabhu  

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


     "Angel" as i say this word u may be getting a picture of beautiful girl with feathers around with an angel halo.

According to Wiki, An angel is a supernatural being or spirit, often depicted in humanoid form with feathered wings on their backs and halos around their heads, found in various religions and mythologies. The theological study of angels is known as "angelology".

Strange there’s even a branch on study of angels!