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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Five Sentence Fiction #1 : Feathers

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It was a dense forest and 12 year old , pooja was travelling with her father who was a forest officer believed he was the hero who protects animals of forest.

They came across many animals like rabbit ,deer along the way and little girl was so happy seeing them as she was getting an opportunity of seeing the animals from close distance in their world far from the busy life of metropolitan city.

As they moved little farther they came across a peacock dancing amidst green trees with colorful feathers spread open.

Pooja was just mesmerized watching the peacock dance with the breathtaking beautiful feathers shining under sun which made her forget all the sadness and asked if this peacocks are safe in forest.

Her father told that he made sure no bird is attacked by poachers who kill the bird for feathers and the little girl was proud of her father and just said to herself her father is real hero.

(PS:Linking this post to the Five Sentence Fiction prompt )

Keep Smiling :)
- Sachin Prabhu

Monday, 16 June 2014

Down the Lonely street

It was late midnight
Down the lonely street
When all the stars were out
I chose to have a walk 
Alone in the street

The street lights were glittering
The street was wet with water 
As it had rained
I walk down the street 
Enjoying the cold breeze

The street was so quiet
So quiet that i found peace
It made me forget all the pain
And brought a smile on my face

As i walk along the street 
The roads took curve 
Ups and downs
Just like life has 

It made me think about people 
Who were with me 
Sharing my joy n pain 
And rest of people who just fake it

 I reached home
With the thoughts in mind 
And feelings in heart
With a smile on my face 
As the walk taught me lot
Lot about Life.

Keep Smiling 
- Sachin Prabhu :)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


 The world we live in is beautiful
Beautiful yet not safe filled with people
People who fake their feelings
Feelings that cant be trusted
Trust is the one thing 
Which binds people together
Trust builds relation and gives hope
When there is none to trust 
Trusting yourself is the first expedition 
You'll ever endeavor
Trusting one you love  
Is the last expedition 
You'l ever embark
Thus in the journey of life 
Trust plays a role 
To make the world we live in beautiful.

Keep Smiling :) 
- Sachin Prabhu