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Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 : Year in Review

Dear Readers

The time has arrived to bid adieu 2015. Just one more day to go. So in this post I would like to take you on a ride how 2015 was for me. So fasten your seat belts!

2015 started with Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Can refer to this post Its 2015: What's your resolution? As mentioned in post, the first resolution is a BIG yes! Yes I read 50 novels! I really dint think I could make it. Well that's the reason resolution are made for isn't it ?
moving on to further points
  • Programming aspect yeah its going on. - Yes 
  • Capturing photos with DSLR is still on list. 
  • Smile and stay strong - Yes ! 
  • Blog more than last year - Couldn't involve much but count is greater than last year - Yes
  • Try to write short stories - Still on list
2015 had been great at times and also was sad. Here's some of best moments, as I don't like to dwell in past with negativity. I was preparing for competitive exam most of time while I attended various book launches. Read lot of novels. Realized who true friends are. Joined PES University to pursue in computer science and  follow my dreams. So here's what 2015 was like. 

Met so many authors !!

Tried new type of art called zentangle 
Our little world - Family !
Most awaited autograph ^_^ all the way from Kolkata
Most awaited Skype Call !
Lord of Rings !!

Wizarding world of Harry Potter
Yeah that's Hogwarts train !


Trip with school friends :)

First group pic in college !

That's how my face looks with cake!

friends in hostel <3

yay cake !!

Special people in my life !

Some of my classmates who made it for picture on my birthday :)

I cant really say how special this year was to me in words. Photographs says it all! I love each one of these!! Thanks for reading ! 

Have a wonderful year ahead !!! May 2016 fulfill all your dreams :) 

P.S : Exams going on for me! I will celebrate new year studying for exam! Wish me luck!!

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu B