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Friday 3 June 2016

Fun. Freedom. Confidence.- Explore with Datsun redi-GO #rediGo

Imagine a car which could offer you rugged strength along with super cool stylish design. Datsun redi-Go is one such car which has so many features which could make one fall in love with it. It is perfect for 'ready-to-go' generation. A generation that believes in doing more, and who're always on the go. Hence the name Datsun redi-Go!!

Datsun has kept in mind the youth of today's generation and designed the car such that it would fit one' need perfectly. i.e it can fulfill today's youth with full of freedom and confidence and provide a fun, joyous ride which makes one's life better adding more to the comfort along with luxury and security.

Datsun redi-Go is made of  best of Japanese Technology. It is perfect unique fusion of compact crossover and urban hatchback, offering various impressive features.

I would like to test amazing car Datsun redi-Go in my city,Bangalore for its tremendous power and peppy drive.

As I mentioned earlier the car is having various features I would like to mention three main features that appeal to me most and makes me want to take the car out for a spin.

1. The attractive super cool  Yukan Design :

The Datsun redi-Go has a stylish sport look which could take one's heart away for a peppy ride.
It has compact and sleek,yet aggressive robust stance , D-cut grille,gem inspired chrome bezel honeycomb pattern perfectly framed with the Datsun. The touch of silver adds more beauty premium appeal to the redi-Go. So the exterior of car has a modern look!

2. Smart and Efficient Performance : 

Main feature for any car is the performance without which no matter how good the car looks it is useless or worthless. The Datsun redi-Go has a fuel economy of 25.17 kmpl*. It has 799cc engine which adds to the peppy feedom ride saving more fuel suited for everlasting ride perfect for youth of today's generation. The i-SAT Engine automatically adjust spark timing in response to fuel quality and power requirement. This allows the happy owner of Datsun redi-Go a knocking free ,smooth performance.

3.Small turning radius and security.

Bangalore is well known for traffic. So Datsun redi-Go can actually help one in traffic as its having a turning radius of 4.7 metre. It provides the ultimate manoeuverablity. Datsun redi-Go is safe,secure and reliable too as its having performance augmented brakes with reinforced crash protection shell. Also has opti-view which allows one to have wider view of road and surroundings. The power steering adds more power to the happy owner with high manoeuverability at low speeds and stability at high speeds. Last but not the least the energy absorbing steering and airbag which protects the precious life of happy owner of Datsun redi-Go.

Thus Datsun redi-Go helps me to beat urban driving blues.

So I believe you must be in love with Datsun redi-Go by now. It has so many features which adds to fun, freedom,confidence and most important safety.

So what are you waiting for ? Go book your own Datsun redi-Go !! Bookings open!!

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.
Thursday 25 February 2016

My First IndiBlogger Meet !! #FlipkartOutdoors- Bangalore 2016

I always wanted to go on an adventure trip with friends but I couldn't. Few days ago I got an opportunity to be part of an epic outdoor adventure organized by IndiBlogger and Flipkart with my friends from blogging world.  Here's my experience.

Actually I had sort of another adventure to make it to venue. I was browsing through IndiBlogger late night ( 18th I remember) I spot this above picture on home page saying about IndiBlogger Meet. I was excited to see its in Bangalore! Only 1 seat was left. Without thinking much I registered! I followed my heart! But after while I realized it was close to exams. 20th Feb! Exams from 22nd ! I hadn't prepared much. I cancel thinking I can't make it. I got a message saying "registrations closed". It made me sad.I slept trying to forget about it. I had missed BNLF and nearly missed this one too!

Next morning I was only thinking about meet! how I lost the opportunity. I made my mind to study for exam and finish things I didn't cover that day and make it to Indi-meet. Luckily when I checked registration page morning 3 seats were left! I didn't want to lose once more. I followed my heart and registered ! I got Indipass within seconds! my happiness knew no bounds !! super excited! I went on saying it to close friends in college about it. They were happy for me and told not to miss it. Few of friends had been to venue where event was about to happen. i.e Mango Mist resort told it was wonderful place, don't miss it ! I thanked my stars.  As planned I studied that night (19th). Was super excited to know about events. I even figured few of my friends from blogging world are making it from list of attendees.To be specific I said Vinay and  Reema about it! I was eager to meet rest of bloggers too. I was up till 4am. Vampire mode was on ! I set alarm in mobile and slept. Decide to meet Vinay in Ulsoor which was first pickup point. But I got up late ! around 6.30! I had to start by 6! bus at Ulsoor was at 7am! I got ready super quick! I decide to meet Reema at 2nd stop i.e Shoppers stop near Bannerghatta Road. I was in race with time. I got a cab to 2nd pickup point and reached half an hour early! 7.30am! I spot few familiar faces. I had only seen them on IndiBlogger list of popular posts. I dint knew anyone else other than Reema and Vinay. So was waiting for them. Vinay was in other bus. Reema joined after while and we got on to one more bus by Indi team. So 2 Indibus by Indi team with around 100 amazing bloggers start our adventurous journey to Mango Mist Resort.  I enjoyed the journey to resort.Bangalore being well known for pleasant weather,it was kind of cold in morning. I felt so fresh. Enjoyed the view from window and grabbed a bite. Inditeam gave us cream biscuits, I got orange flavor! We reached the venue after travelling through narrow roads about 45 mins later. 

I met Vinay and spotted few more familiar faces! We made our way towards resort. I liked the resort moment I entered. All of us gathered in circle. Indi-team Organiser ,Anoop welcomed us. Each one of us were excited. So much positivity in air. We had our breakfast in next half an hour.There was so much variety. I had typical South Indian Breakfast. Idli-vada with sambhar,chutney and hot coffee. It tasted so yum!! So by the end of breakfast I got to know few people Praveen,Sibi,Sneha.Rekha Mishra

We made our way towards location where we were gathered in circle.We were made into groups. Group of 10-11 people. Our group leader was Vinay! So our team members were (as in pic) 

Sachin(thats me!) 
and Sathish(missed the group pic!) 

Team 3! Thats our team! pic courtesy:Praveen

The director of Electronics dept from Flipkart explained how gadgets play a role in our daily life, importance of ioT. We were made to choose gadgets and had to complete challenges. There was line up of products. All we had to do is go to each table, get idea about product, one or two had to make use of that product while doing activity. 

So we moved to desk with Red Chief Shoes. There were so many varieties of shoes which would fit for trekking and sports. The shoes were light weight best suited for adventure activities. From our team Praveen tried it out and gave a thumbs up for the quality. 

We next moved towards Polaroid Cube. Its a tiny camera in shape of cube with lots of features. It can record HD videos in 1080p/720p , has 124 degree viewing angle, Professional 6MP still photos,Weatherproof/splash proof, It comes with waterproof case and so much accessories like tipod, helmet mount,monkey stand.Also had polaroid pocket size light weight printer which can print instant photos which can connect to smart phone via bluetooth. Shantanu from our team got 

Next we moved to Altec Lansing. They had lovely collection of speakers and earphones which was shock proof and waterproof. They had one speakers for display which played high quality music which made everyone groove. The guy who displayed the speakers showed how it was strong speakers were by throwing speakers. There was one girl who displayed the speakers were waterpoof by pouring water on it. The water actually danced to music as she poured it on speakers. The water drops jumped up and down due to the bass effect. They also had one contest where if you manage to remove the earphones by shaking your head without using hands the earphones would be yours! Two from our team won! Shantanu and Joyson I managed to do but couldn't win. sigh!

We moved on to Coleman. They had variety of products suited for camping. Tents , waterbottles etc. Everything you would want to have while on trek.

Next we moved on to smart watches by Garmin and Samsung Gear.
They looked super cool. It would show your heart beat rate and how much calories you burnt. So two from our team got hold of these gadgets.i.e Satish and Vinay

Last but not least Sony Action Camera. It could record videos in 1080p/720p and capture photos. It also had so many accessories. It can also shoot in 4k Ultra HD. 170 degree ultra wide ZIESS Tessar lens. I fell in love with this and got one for myself to capture the moments  on our adventure. 


That's the resort!

Anoop explaining rules

That's water proof check! can u see drops dance for beat?

our team checking products
pic courtesy : Indiblogger

The games which we played were as follows

So once we were done with gadget hunt we had equipped ourself with few gadgets and on our way to perform activities. We were given the tickets and our hand was tied with yellow band indicating we belonged to resort now! Actually half our team had already vanished and went on to perform activities while few of us checked sony cameras. I captured Water zorbing activity with sony action camera I had got. Went on to perform zipline and shooting. While I went to perform zipline it kind of reminded me "divergent". It was super awesome! During shooting we had to shoot at bottles. I managed to get two shots right! Next, we went on to do build a tent from. We built the tent in 1min 53 sec! we were 2nd place. We lost just by 1sec!! can you believe it! 1.52 was 1st place timing!

It was time for lunch. We were tired as we did activities under blazing sun. Lunch was delicious just like breakfast so much of variety. Post lunch we gathered again in circle at normal spot. People were awarded prizes for twitter contest. The final game was paint ball. I wanted to join but since I had exam I dint wanted to hurt myself so stayed back. So me and vinay stayed back while rest of our team made it to battle and you know what our team won 1st place! We had one group pic and made way towards Indibus. 

Here's the memories I made!! 

Yay I got flipkart flag ! Team flag!  

Time to shoot!

Do you see monkeys on tree?

Aren't they cute? <3

Peaceful !

paintball warfield!

Our team for paintball battle ! pic courtesy : Indiblogger

Water zorbing 

Explaining importance of IoT

Gadget Love!

with leo and anusha

with bhawna and sibi 

pic courtesy: Shantanu 

Below pics are clicked using SONY Action Camera! 

pic captured by : Praveen
Say cheese!

Don't drink during the sun is out.. Listen to LEO ~ shantanu

Quack quack ! 

At the end of the day I had followed my heart. Made new friends. It was new experience! I loved every bit of it. I wish to meet everyone soon! Looking forward for one more Indi-meet. Thanks to Indiblogger team and Flipkart for organizing #FlipkartOutDoors and so glad to meet amazing bloggers.

Keep Smiling
Sachin Prabhu B
Friday 15 January 2016

The Message of the Stars

As I lay on the grass,
Gazing at the stars above. 
While each star twinkles
Compelling its presence to be felt.
As though each star has a message 
To be conveyed,to people beneath 
People who are busy with own lives 
Who have forgot to look above 
Forgot to cherish the beauty of nature
As I stare at infinity it makes me wonder
Why people are chasing money,instead of passion?
Why tossing away the time? 
Why not follow your dreams?
Why people change with time?
I smile and decide to follow my heart
follow my dream, follow my passion
and spend time watching stars sometime
Maybe that's what stars agreed too 
Maybe that's what stars trying to convey people

- Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 

(Image source : Here)
Thursday 31 December 2015

2015 : Year in Review

Dear Readers

The time has arrived to bid adieu 2015. Just one more day to go. So in this post I would like to take you on a ride how 2015 was for me. So fasten your seat belts!

2015 started with Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Can refer to this post Its 2015: What's your resolution? As mentioned in post, the first resolution is a BIG yes! Yes I read 50 novels! I really dint think I could make it. Well that's the reason resolution are made for isn't it ?
moving on to further points
  • Programming aspect yeah its going on. - Yes 
  • Capturing photos with DSLR is still on list. 
  • Smile and stay strong - Yes ! 
  • Blog more than last year - Couldn't involve much but count is greater than last year - Yes
  • Try to write short stories - Still on list
2015 had been great at times and also was sad. Here's some of best moments, as I don't like to dwell in past with negativity. I was preparing for competitive exam most of time while I attended various book launches. Read lot of novels. Realized who true friends are. Joined PES University to pursue in computer science and  follow my dreams. So here's what 2015 was like. 

Met so many authors !!

Tried new type of art called zentangle 
Our little world - Family !
Most awaited autograph ^_^ all the way from Kolkata
Most awaited Skype Call !
Lord of Rings !!

Wizarding world of Harry Potter
Yeah that's Hogwarts train !


Trip with school friends :)

First group pic in college !

That's how my face looks with cake!

friends in hostel <3

yay cake !!

Special people in my life !

Some of my classmates who made it for picture on my birthday :)

I cant really say how special this year was to me in words. Photographs says it all! I love each one of these!! Thanks for reading ! 

Have a wonderful year ahead !!! May 2016 fulfill all your dreams :) 

P.S : Exams going on for me! I will celebrate new year studying for exam! Wish me luck!!

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu B