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Monday, 7 April 2014

My first blog award - Sunshine award !!

Its been 26 days since I posted my first blogpost and today I’m so happy that I’ve been nominated for an blog award!! Yay!! Sunshine award ! really got rays of hope and happiness in my life.

So coming to the point who gave me this award, its Sushree dash who has been kind enough to nominate me in the list of 10 people and I’m so thankful. It really means lot for a newbie like me even though I used to read blogs from years I dint try writing one. Its just around 1 month since I started as I said and this award brings lot of joy.So thanks a lot Sushree!

Sushree dash writes with blog name Thoughts…
                        Which says
       “ Unspoken unexpressed ramblings of the mind..                       Get their satiated feel on a Nib of It’s kind…                        Touching the soul and Reaching Heart’s Core…             
Far from Delusive Gleams and Unwanted Clamor…”
                I really agree with the fact that it reaches to heart core.It always gives me much joy and happiness reading the posts by sushree.

Here’s my nomination for the sunshine award in no particular order.
1. Justmotheroftwo: Preeti shenoy who always inspires me!

2. FlightlessBird Thoughtful Wings: Swathi shenoy for your  
never ending support who stands by me as a friend no matter what happens and is really talented creative writer.

3.Maniacs to the Fore : Jayanth Majety who is so talented who    can write stories that can touch your heart.

4.Purbaeasternwind: Purba di who is a brilliant author makes      me happy with her blogposts and novels and who encourages    me always.

5.Outside the KitchenWindow: Gayu di who is passionate
   blogger and supermom who creates magic with words and
   always been kind to me as a sister.

6.A Lexical Tapestry: Namrata Kumari who is exceptionally        talented when it comes to blogging and my dear friend.

7. Midnight Scribbles: Sabeeha who has a unique beautiful          name and who always surprises me with amazing blogposts.

8.Khayal: Viditi who is dear friend of mine writes stories and      poems which always takes me into another world and leave      me mesmerized.

9.Words, Wings to Fly : Shelly who is phenomenonal when it       comes to poems ,an amazing writer and dear friend.

10.Words with feelings: Poems by Vivin who can compose            outstanding poems and supports me as a sister.

Please do forgive me my fellow bloggers as I had a limitation of nominating only 10 or else this list would’ve been even more longer.

I’d like to thank everyone who is been kind enough to visit my blog and leave comments and support me.

                Here are 10 interesting things about myself:
                1.   I love myself.
2.   I am so mad about preeti shenoy who is my fav author who inspires me always.
3.   I love to sketch.
4.   I am good in making friends and won’t let anyone down.
5.   I am a humble person at heart.
6.   I can make people smile while crying.
7.   I speak lot when it comes to best friends. Lot implies lot more you can imagine.
8.   I like to travel.
9.   I love nature.
10.         Mad about music and movies.
"I’d like to dedicate my first award to mom who is been there for me no matter what!"

                According to rules of Sunshine award:

·       Display award on your blog.
·       Show gratitude to the person and link back the person who nominated you.
·       Nominate up to 10 of your favorite deserving bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.
·       Link the nominees in your post and let them know.
·       Write TEN interesting things about yourself.

  Keep Smiling 
    - Sachin Prabhu :) 


  1. Hey sachz!! Thanks for the award :) U knw how much it means to me :) And many congrats to you too for the same :) I do agree about the ten about you points! Especially the 7th one! I knw wat is the defn of ur lot! Am an innocent victim after all :D ;) u missed writing about ur craze forphotography though :P I was expecting that :P

    1. :D hehe :D tnq swatz :D yea i love to click :D i missed it in above points

    2. and ur comment means lot to me u knw why :D

  2. Woah woah I feel so honoured. First sushree and now yours! I'm overwhelmed. Thank you Sachin ^.^ it means so much to me :)

    1. :D u deserve it :D pleasure ^_^ luv ur blog :)

    2. Thanks again ^.^ I hope I've done justice to the post :)

  3. Thank You so much Sachin. I loved the way you wrote a bit about the nominees. :) Will be coming up with the accepting post very soon. :) Thanks again. And kudos for your first award.

    1. thanks a lot namrata ^_^ yea waiting for accepting post :D

  4. Congrats dude, keep up the good work ,let ur smiles reach miles ...........

  5. areyyy wahh :D congs :) ....... wish u win lot many other award ... for all ur 10 mentioned talents ;) :D :P

    1. thanks a lot for kind words nehuu :D keep visiting :) ;)

  6. Hey...Sachin ...thanks a lot for your lovely words :) Best wishes and good luck...

  7. I have happily accepted the Sunshine Award you honored my blog with. Once again thanks a lot Sachin. :)