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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Book Review : The Secret Proposal

Title: The Secret Proposal
Author: Aniesha Brahma
Publisher:General Press (2012)
Number of Pages: 208
Price: 125 [INR] 
Genre: Fiction/Romance

Blurb on the Book:

Eight years ago, she was the teenager he would use to get out of boring parties. But now, he is stunned to see her grown up.

He decides to delay his marriage by getting into a false engagement with her. Then he falls in love with someone else and she forces to move on. He comes back to her, but she is determined not to take him back. Will she ever get over her unrequited love for him?

Would a grand gesture from him make her believe otherwise?

And how do you know that your knight in shining armour has been standing right next to you?

Join Tanveer 'Veer' Bhattacharya and Larissa 'Jasmine' Chakroborty as they embark on a journey which questions relationships,friendships and makes one wonder...

how long would it take for love to eventually find a way?

My Review:

"Secret Proposal " is a unique love story , where Larissa/jasmine has a crush on Veer ever since childhood and how after 8 years they meet in a party and veer asks jasmine to be fake fiance and afterwards it takes readers a rollercoaster ride and story blooms. I liked the fact how author has narrated jasmine's feelings and how jasmine's sister and her best friend MM support jasmine at times. 

pros : 
- author has narrated story really well.
- Each chapter starts with a quote and one can relate to it.
- Even in story at times the reader can relate to feelings as written by author
- Page turner 

- During first half of book , Veer's story is kinda disturbing and is boring even though it does play a role in story .
- Most of the scenes in book is about party and it might make readers boring again.
- Reader might feel come across question "wts going on? " while at times there are situations and conversations b/w characters which might confuse readers, as jasmine and veer fight more often in book.

One can really learn things for life from this novel , I could relate some parts from this novel and the quotes were inspiring. So what are you waiting go grab it!

My Rating : 3/5

About the author

Aniesha Brahma, currently a M.Phil student in Jadavpur University, is pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature. She was born and brought up in Kolkata, West Bengal. She is an ex-student of Dolna Day School, where she first discovered her passion for writing. She firmly believes that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and 'you should never give up on the one thing that you cannot go a day without thinking about'. She likes making movies on Windows Movie Maker, dabbling in arguments on the online writing communities and in between is learning to play the guitar. Also, she is incredibly fond of the rain, hanging out with her group of friends and is always looking for different kinds of stories to tell the world. The Secret Proposal is her debut novel. She currently lives in Kolkata.

You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter

Keep Smiling  :)
Sachin Prabhu 
Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Your Dreams are Mine Now : Book Review

Title: Your Dreams are Mine Now
Author: Ravinder Singh
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd.
Number of Pages: 272
Price: 175 [INR] 
Genre: Fiction

Blurb on the Book:

They are Complete opposites!

She's a small-town girl who takes admission in Delhi University (DU). An idealist, studies are her first priority.

He's a Delhi guy, seriously into youth politics in DU. He fights to make his way.Student union elections are his first priority.

But then opposites attract as well!

A scandal on campus brings them together, they begin to walk the same path and somewhere along fall in love.. But their against evil comes at a heavy price, which becomes the ultimate test of their lives. 

Against the backdrop of dominant campus politics, Your Dreams Are Mine Now is an innocent love story that will tug at your heartstrings.

My Review:

"Your Dreams are Mine Now " is not just a story to read and keep the book aside.It makes you think and blood boil when it comes to end about how Indian society is today. Rupali a young innocent girl from Patna dreams of getting into college she always wanted to join even before she joined 12th and Arjun, a guy from Delhi who is more keen in College politics and making the world a better place. These 2 people meet in college and the story blossoms into a love story which makes you think world is magical and author has penned it really well. While unfortunate turn of events leads some monsters rip Rupali's soul apart. The book is depressing and disturbing as it ends but the author as described the situation which might take you to Nirbhaya's case. 

Some of quotes I liked are 

1. Betrayal hurts the most when it comes from the one who you always remembered in your prayers.

2. Just because something awful has happened in the past doesn't mean the future too would be like that.

I liked the details which author has written when it comes to tulsi plant in the story , how Rupali thought she would grow with tulsi plant which she sows very first day when she joins college and Arjun at the end speaks with plant.

The book reminds one to fight for the evil and violence against women happening around us.The book is really a page turner and leaves one thinking.

My Rating : 4/5 stars 

About the Author

Ravinder Singh is a software engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India.

He was brought up in a very small town of Orissa called Burla. After spending most of his life there, he has recently moved to Chandigarh. Owing to the Nature of his work, he has visited various parts of the world and he wishes to continue doing the same in future. Apart from reading and writing, The Author has a keen interest in working out in the gym. Occasionally, he loves playing snooker; his favorite game. He is crazy about Punjabi Music and loves dancing to its beats. I too had a Love story is his debut novel and Your Dreams are Mine now being his 5th novel while last 4 being in best selling list.

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter