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Thursday, 14 May 2015

My Airtel App : 3 key features that suits my lifestyle

We live in a generation where technology plays major role in our daily life. Everything is one touch away with help of mobile. When smartphone,proper network and internet facility are the key features that helps one connect people all over world. In addition to this apps installed in phone comes to play.In this post i'm going to mention about how Airtel has come up with new app that has got features which can suit one's lifestyle. Bharti Airtel Limited , telecommunication company which is changing life's of millions of people and helping connect people. It is the largest cellular service provider in India. 

Airtel has introduced My Airtel app with simple and intuitive design helps one manage many things like DTH , postpaid or prepaid services. I'm a airtel user and here are 3 key features that suits my lifestyle.

1.Bill payment : With My Airtel app one can pay bills easily all at one place. Its just not the mobile bill i'm saying about but it also includes landline , bills of family members and also DTH. All my family members use Airtel network and paying bills is a issue to think about with My Airtel app to rescue it can be done easily and super fast with one click away. 

2. "I want to" feature : This is the best feature of the app and I love it. As the name suggest "I want to " its upto you to choose what you want to do and app allows series of options from which you can choose whether to buy data pack , Order games and movies , Recharge account , record channel and view account history and balance not just of phone but also DTH account. I love to play games and watch movies and with this I can be able to buy those and also connect with people with help of internet. Overall I want to feature allows to save user frequent tasks on homescreen , making it replicating the same task again in no time.

3.Shake your phone: This feature displays the user with series of offers, while all user has to do is shake the phone and can get offers one after another. User can choose offer based on his requirement. I would love to get full talk time and airtel allows me to get it with help of the app one touch away and internet packs  of 1GB 3G and 2G data with less cost compared to other networks.

Along with these features this app gets coupons on recharge worth of recharge value or even more, i.e shop online , watch movies , eat at your favorite restaurant and much more. App has also got links to various other features provided by airtel like Airtel Money (shop ,pay bill & more),buy a new product i.e one can get new airtel connection) . start wynking ( Stream,search,browse favorite music and download songs ),Airtel's One touch internet ( Easiest way to learn internet for airtel prepaid users),One shop for all content i.e 

User can even raise a complaint/service request via app and it gets logged as email request and costumer care people will get back to user and help user accordingly. This is much needed when something goes wrong or user faces issue with account.

User can set alerts on homescreen like when it reaches threshold  balance for 2G , 3G it'l alert user accordingly which helps user get to know his account details.

User can save debit card details and credit card details without any worry as any card transaction will be having 3D security pin ensuring complete safety.

The app #MyAirtelApp is extensively user friendly and helpful. I am so glad airtel has done something like this and launched app on various platforms like android,iOS,Windows,blackberry and J2ME. 

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Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Planet in Gloom

She stood staring at the trees,
While the leaves crumbled. 
Group of men came with weapons 
To bring trees down.

She stood staring at the trees,
While her mind raced back to days,
Where she watered and nurtured trees
Just like her own children.

She stood staring at the trees,
Unable to move in bewilderment.
Tears rolled down her cheeks,
 As she saw huge vehicles joined armed men.

She stood staring at the trees
Until last one was brought down
 And there were no longer any trees
                 Wondering how this could lead to development of city

She stood there pondering
Amidst so many questions.
Has greed for money tied a blindfold on their wisdom,
Insight and conscience?

Have they shunned their ears
Or have turned their
Hearts into stone?
It has closed every single door of love and kindness.

She stares at the dark sky, 
Eyes closed as her heart ached.
She was sure mother nature wont bestow mercy, 
And the planet will be doomed soon. 

This post has been written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer's Ezine 

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

New League by Kapil Dev : #EkNayiLeague

Kapil Dev , on hearing this name every Indian would probably think about cricket and captain who lead team India win world cup in 1983. Now Kapil Dev is all set to bring a new trend or new type of league which seems exciting . There's only few videos on web where Kapil where he gives few celebrities how they would fail if they listen to their heart and play the league. 

As per the above hint where playing with heart might lead to failure , I think the game requires to be played with help of mind and lot of attention which might be fun to play. 

It might be new concept in India where a common man will get a chance to show off his skills and might win some cash price which could be life changing. The Legend might host the show on TV or its just some league which takes over period like month or week and at the end of period the best one wins the cash price. It can be online contest too again with same criteria of limitation of time and cash price to be won. 

The legend has joined Twitter and is new to technology and speaks about how twitter is about saying one's own feelings to world that means there could be feature where one could communicate with legend directly about the league. 

Kapil Dev in one of the video of promotion for League gives a message to Sania about how he feels proud that like in big country like India how girls are showing interest in sport and making it among top list and feels proud about Sania. This might be a hint where  Legend is telling that even women can participate in this league and make it count. 

Kapil also gives message through video to celebs like Dhoni, Yuvraj and Kapil Sharma on how this game is going to be interesting and only playing with heart wont be enough and keeps it more suspense that might want anyone who watches video to endup in thinking about what the league is about and how could this be life changing and how can it be related to celebrities and how fun it would be to play this league. 

Since legend stresses that this type of  league is #EkNayiLeague it really must be new to India and this must have been never happened in history of TV show if it is about to be launched on TV like show or if it is online contest. It gets people new exposure and that might lead them to showcase their talent to the world with this new platform or League which legend is speaking about.

I like to conclude the post by hoping this league will be a trend setter and makes it own mark just like Kapil Dev who made mark in worldcup winning the first worldcup for India. Hope this League changes so many lives and bring happiness. My best wishes to the team.  

If you want to know more about this league do follow - #EkNayiLeague

 Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu