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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Go Green! #EarthIsCalling

Today we live in the world where buildings grow faster than trees and people are busy with their lives forgetting how their day to day routine is affecting the environment. Even though technology has made advance,the way how everyone is using it affecting the planet i.e one can bring some changes in daily routine so that it helps world to be a better place,world go green and help the environment and yeah it does make a great deal for our only planet earth which is home for so many species.22nd April i.e today is known as Earth Day which is celebrated every year all over world demonstrating support for environmental protection.

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Go Green might be a new word for many people, Googling gives following result

"It means becoming more environmentally aware and changing your behavior and lifestyle to reduce the amount of pollution and waste you generate." 

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Now the word "Go Green" might conjure some people how changing lifestyle might lead them to live like stone age people relying on nature, well its not like that,eg: Remember to turn off lights. Well that doesn't mean one should sit in darkness. Remember to turn off lights when you are not using it. 

Some of the changes one can implement in day to day routine are as follows.

Food and Drink: 

1. First thing that might come to mind when one hears GoGreen is to plant trees. Yeah Plant trees around home and make a little garden.

2. Plant vegetables which drastically reduces cost one spends and avoid pesticides.

3. Make a meal plan to avoid wastage.

4. Eat home instead of going out. 

5. Use plates instead of disposables. 

6. Eat fresh fruits rather than canned.


7. Wash only full loads of laundry.

8. Hand wash delicate clothes instead of dry cleaning.

9. Use vacuum cleaner with filter.

10. Use little less detergent than recommended.

11. Use rags instead of paper towels to wipe up spills.


12. Rely on natural lighting as long as you can before you turn on lights.

13. Install a skylight to increase amount of natural light.

14. Ditch incandescent bulbs and replace them with CFL , energy efficient alternatives.

15. Turn off lights and fan while leaving room.

Appliances and Electronics:

16. Remember to switch off mobile chargers ,gyeser,water pump motor.

17. Replace old inefficient appliances.

18. Don't leave the fridge door open for too long.

19. Keep your freezer full so it'l run more efficently.

20. Use power strips or surge protector.

21. Get LCD TV instead of plasma or tube based model.

22. Use electric shaver or razor with replaceable blades.


23. Paint home with light color in warm climates or dark color in cold climates.

24. Install a programmable thermostat.

25. Install ceiling fan for improved air circulation.

26.Open window to cool the room.

27. Replace furnace filters regularly.

28. Insulate the walls.

29. Decorate with plants.

30. Insulate water heaters and pipes.

Waste and Deculttering:

31. Recycle as much as you can - paper, plastic,glass, batteries etc.

32. Recycle mobile phones and don't trash.

33. Try to make use of card boards instead of throwing them.

34. Only put out full garbage bags.

35. Don't litter


36. Own light colored vehicle.

37. Keep your tires well-inflated to save gas and extend their life.

38. Replace air filters of car regularly.

39. Make use of public transport.

40. Turn off engine at signal. 

41. Walk to nearby places.

42. Use bicycle if you can.


43. Carry a bag instead of asking for plastic covers.

44. Buy products that use recycled materials or are recyclable whenever possible.

45. Reuse plastic bags.

46. Buy frequently used items in bulk.

47. Buy fruits and vegetables from seller nearby instead of going to supermarket which is far.


48. Pay your bills online.

49. File taxes electronically.

50. Do online banking instead of mailed statements.

51. Seek out rebates on energy star appliances.


52. Read newspaper,magazines ,books online.

53. Send e-card instead of purchasing cards.

54. Download software instead of disc.

55. Borrow books from libraries.


56. Pack your lunch in reusable containers instead of plastic bags.

57. Buy clothes from eco-friendly brands.

58.  Do not dump hazardous materials.

59. Rain water harvesting.

Thus one can follow the above steps and help the world GoGreen. These are just a few steps , there are much more for which one can attend GoGreen seminars or find articles related. Lets make a world better place and save planet earth. What are you waiting for ? Lets GoGreen ! #EarthIsCalling. Happy Earth Day!
Save nature! Save Earth !
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This post is written for campaign by Green Yatra for more follow

Studio NH 47, a Bangalore based band, has created this video and song for Earth Day that falls on April 22nd each year. I am in love with the song hope you like it! 

Earth is Calling 

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 
Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Path (FPFS DAY 5)

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Follow the path of light
 leaving behind the dark  
shine like sun always 

This blogpost is written as part of Five Day Five photo challenge (FPFS) for which  I am tagged by my best friend and blogger who inspires me to write Namrata. Thank you so much Namrata !

As a part of challenge I want to tag my best friend Jayanth who is not only a great blogger but also one with good heart.  

 Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 
Monday, 20 April 2015

Oil Lamps (FPFS DAY 4)

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Oil lamps arranged in line
 ,Shines no matter what happens 
As  wind tries to fade 

This blogpost is written as part of Five Day Five photo challenge (FPFS) for which  I am tagged by my best friend and blogger who inspires me to write Namrata. Thank you so much Namrata !

As a part of challenge I want to tag my sister Purba Chakraborty who is renowned author and amazing soul.

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 

Windmill (FPFS DAY 3)

When the winds of 
change blow,
some people build walls 
others build windmills.

-Chinese Proverb 

This blogpost is written as part of Five Day Five photo challenge (FPFS) for which  I am tagged by my best friend and blogger who inspires me to write Namrata. Thank you so much Namrata !

As a part of challenge I want to tag my friend Ramya who creates magic with her poems and stories. 

Keep Smiling :)
-Sachin Prabhu 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Sun - (FPFS DAY 2)

After the day's work
 sun waves good bye and sets in west
 -with the dark silhouette 

This blogpost is written as part of Five Day Five photo challenge (FPFS) for which  I am tagged by my best friend and blogger who inspires me to write Namrata. Thank you so much Namrata !

As a part of challenge I want to tag my sister Debarati Datta who is amazing blogger and exceptionally talented .

- Keep smiling :)
   Sachin Prabhu 
Friday, 17 April 2015

My Favourite park - FPFS day 1

Couple of day ago I got a chance to visit park in my home town i.e Shimoga which is named after Mahathma Gandhi. It is so peaceful with so many trees around. It is more than 20 years old.  The park is so having so many things which can make anyone happy. It has a aquarium which is having so many fishes of different species, a train which will take its passengers on a journey along the park amidst trees, swimming pool which is so refreshing, various art work at every corner which is beautiful,place for kids to play and musical fountain. The park will be lit with lights when its night and its treat to watch! Here are some of the pictures .

The entrance of park with trees and fountain.

The famous train in the park!

A big tree with its reflection in lake.

It also used to have crocodiles,ducks,hippo,deer and so many animals but they are shifted to some place as it was difficult to maintain I guess. Everytime  I see the train in this park reminds me of Hogwarts Express and the big tree nearby lake is my favourite! This park has so many memories  since i have been to this park ever since I was kid and its my favourite.

Me with my favorite train ! :) 

This blogpost is written as part of Five Day Five photo challenge (FPFS) for which  I am tagged by my best friend and blogger who inspires me to write Namrata. Thank you so much Namrata !

As a part of challenge I want to tag one more best friend Simran who writes beautiful poems and stories along with wonderful clicks! 

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 
Tuesday, 14 April 2015

One special day with my sister :)

It was 30th March 2015. I got a voice message from my sister in whatsapp, I was excited to see it because we had planned to meet and thought it would be about same. But life is always about surprises and this was one such moment and it was bad news. My sister is crazy about dogs ! like real crazy and has two dogs. 

It so happened these dogs were fighting and my sister tried to separate them and those two adorable dogs being angry at that time must have forgot how caring my sister was about them and bit her hand!! she was hospitalized as she was bleeding so much!also had to get injections. She was sad that she couldn't meet me because of this tragic thing. As the voice message ended I was in shock. I was almost in tears wondering how my sister was. It had been so many months we met and I was so eager to meet her and now she was hurt I couldn't hold any longer I wanted to meet very moment no matter what. My sister said she was ok and said me to calm down and we decided to meet next day noon for lunch. 

Everytime I meet my sister I will get chocolates for her and now she was not well and I could feel she was going through lot from voice message she sent me and  I wanted to make sure the next day will be special.I wanted to see her happy. I wanted to see her smile and forget every pain she had. At that very moment I got an idea to make greeting card. Greeting card wishing her to get well soon. I never tried making one before. I just used to sketch but greeting card was new to me . I decided i'l spend rest of the night making it and had dinner and got my set of pencils and oil pastels ready by 12. Yea it was midnight! I got a sheet of paper and thought of what to sketch and how can I make this card such that my sister will feel happy about it. Dogs being my sister's favorite and the one responsible for hurting her I thought to include dogs in my sketch and make a greeting card. It was around 3am by the time I finished sketching and filling colors. Every time I sketch I pour my heart out and get involved in it and this being for my sister it meant lot to me. I tried every possible way of making card good with minimum tools I had at the very moment. I guess would have made it even more better if I had got few color papers. Now the card was ready and I tried to make envelope for it. I tried doing it but wasted two sheets as it was so late and my head was hurting I din know what I was doing to make the envelope look pretty. It was not coming in proper shape. Decided to make it early morning I slept thinking about my sis and couldn't wait to meet her with card.

It was 6 am I think , I got up and tried making the envelope. I even got help of youtube and It really worked and got the envelope real neat! I got the card and placed it inside envelope and also decided to place chocolates which I had got for her just like always. I couldn't wait for clock to strike 1 pm. Yet again Life is always about surprises and we agreed to meet evening as my sister had some work in office. Yea she was going to office even though was hurt ! I was worried how she would work.

Finally it was 7pm and we met! I was so happy seeing her after long time and yet worried about her hand thats the first thing I asked about. Hand had got little swelling and it was almost recovering. Now that I felt she was ok I got her  the card I made as we went inside cafe. She was surprised to see the card! Once we got seats in cafe my sister saw the card and I could feel my heart beat. She was happy , the way she opened it like a kid asking if it was really for her ? and wondering how good it was. I was happy seeing her smile! "Its so cute! thank you so much so sweet of you" thats what she said after looking at it. Being crazy about pics just like me she got her iphone from bag and posted it on instagram very next moment. I felt like mission accomplished when I saw her happy! 

Greeting card with chocolates :)

Me with  my sister <3 

Here's the card :)

We had a great time that evening. Had dark forest ice cream, cappuccino and butter nuggets.It was special evening indeed.We spoke so much and enjoyed! Clicked few pictures to cherish. Back when I reached home I couldn't stop smiling ! I was so happy and felt so content I made my sister happy.I always follow my heart this was one such moment where I tried making it special for my sister.I believe we should always follow our heart and it does help in creating magic and bring happiness in life. 

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Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu B

5 Reasons Why I think ASUS Zenfone 2 could redefine my smart phone experience

The world is getting smaller with each day. Reason being mobile phones ! Each one of us can have a smartphone which is able to get information around us beyond imagination. It is really amazing how phones are getting smarter each day and changing lives and proving to be very useful. Its almost like world in hand if one has a smart phone with internet facility and various apps to browse on . Smartphones are making things possible which weren't back in 90's and connecting people all over world. 

There are many companies today which offer smart phone at attracting prizes. Asus Zenfone 2 got my attention as I was browsing through tech blogs. Must say it has got whole lot of features for the prize it is sold. Asus is one among the companies which has got brilliant phones in recent which is remarkable when it comes to phone design or the updates which the OS has got. 

Here are five reasons why I think Asus Zenfone 2 can redefine my smart phone experience :

1. Read e-books with big screen : Being a blogger and one who reads lot of novels when I get free time I would like to read e-books on mobile. Asus Zenfone 2 has got a screen of size 5.5 inches which is very much helpful for one to read article on blogs or e-books. It would be very helpful to read with comfort since it has got big screen without straining eyes much. 

2. Click pictures and storage : Apart from blogging the next thing I love to do is click photos. I love the fact how a picture can get so many memories back in short span when one sees at a picture. Zenfone 2 has got 13 MP Primary camera with flash and 5 MP Secondary camera!! That's really a blessing when I must say when it comes to smartphone! Yeah I can click pics with this but where to store? the thing that matters for this is storage and the phone helps user with that too which might blow your mind away because it has got internal storage of 32 GB and can have external storage extendable to 64GB. I also noticed Zenfone comes with internal storage of 64GB too but I'm not sure if it'l be available in India. The storage is more than enough to store thousand of pictures. 

3. Performance and OS : It has got 4GB RAM along with Quad core processor of 2.3 GHz  . Its known as world's first phone with 4GB RAM with Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) which is trending in world as of now. This can support gaming as it has huge RAM and can run without any lags. Multitasking can be done with ease. 

4. Battery: With battery  of 3000mAh this is really an advantage which I really need as clicking pictures for long time might drain battery, even reading books or listening music. I feel it is a plus point and can help users cherish the phone for more time.

5. Cost : ASUS Zenfone has got so many features that one might expect it to be having  more cost but no, it is just available at 10 thousand rupees and which proves to be one more advantage!

Well I have mentioned only a few points which could redefine my smart phone experience but this phone has got better design,NFC,dual sim,so many sensors which will be helpful for you to navigate and much more features .Cant wait for this phone!! Cant wait for ASUS Zenfone 2 !! #CantWait4Zenfone2

Keep Smiling :)

Sachin Prabhu