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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Go Green! #EarthIsCalling

Today we live in the world where buildings grow faster than trees and people are busy with their lives forgetting how their day to day routine is affecting the environment. Even though technology has made advance,the way how everyone is using it affecting the planet i.e one can bring some changes in daily routine so that it helps world to be a better place,world go green and help the environment and yeah it does make a great deal for our only planet earth which is home for so many species.22nd April i.e today is known as Earth Day which is celebrated every year all over world demonstrating support for environmental protection.

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Go Green might be a new word for many people, Googling gives following result

"It means becoming more environmentally aware and changing your behavior and lifestyle to reduce the amount of pollution and waste you generate." 

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Now the word "Go Green" might conjure some people how changing lifestyle might lead them to live like stone age people relying on nature, well its not like that,eg: Remember to turn off lights. Well that doesn't mean one should sit in darkness. Remember to turn off lights when you are not using it. 

Some of the changes one can implement in day to day routine are as follows.

Food and Drink: 

1. First thing that might come to mind when one hears GoGreen is to plant trees. Yeah Plant trees around home and make a little garden.

2. Plant vegetables which drastically reduces cost one spends and avoid pesticides.

3. Make a meal plan to avoid wastage.

4. Eat home instead of going out. 

5. Use plates instead of disposables. 

6. Eat fresh fruits rather than canned.


7. Wash only full loads of laundry.

8. Hand wash delicate clothes instead of dry cleaning.

9. Use vacuum cleaner with filter.

10. Use little less detergent than recommended.

11. Use rags instead of paper towels to wipe up spills.


12. Rely on natural lighting as long as you can before you turn on lights.

13. Install a skylight to increase amount of natural light.

14. Ditch incandescent bulbs and replace them with CFL , energy efficient alternatives.

15. Turn off lights and fan while leaving room.

Appliances and Electronics:

16. Remember to switch off mobile chargers ,gyeser,water pump motor.

17. Replace old inefficient appliances.

18. Don't leave the fridge door open for too long.

19. Keep your freezer full so it'l run more efficently.

20. Use power strips or surge protector.

21. Get LCD TV instead of plasma or tube based model.

22. Use electric shaver or razor with replaceable blades.


23. Paint home with light color in warm climates or dark color in cold climates.

24. Install a programmable thermostat.

25. Install ceiling fan for improved air circulation.

26.Open window to cool the room.

27. Replace furnace filters regularly.

28. Insulate the walls.

29. Decorate with plants.

30. Insulate water heaters and pipes.

Waste and Deculttering:

31. Recycle as much as you can - paper, plastic,glass, batteries etc.

32. Recycle mobile phones and don't trash.

33. Try to make use of card boards instead of throwing them.

34. Only put out full garbage bags.

35. Don't litter


36. Own light colored vehicle.

37. Keep your tires well-inflated to save gas and extend their life.

38. Replace air filters of car regularly.

39. Make use of public transport.

40. Turn off engine at signal. 

41. Walk to nearby places.

42. Use bicycle if you can.


43. Carry a bag instead of asking for plastic covers.

44. Buy products that use recycled materials or are recyclable whenever possible.

45. Reuse plastic bags.

46. Buy frequently used items in bulk.

47. Buy fruits and vegetables from seller nearby instead of going to supermarket which is far.


48. Pay your bills online.

49. File taxes electronically.

50. Do online banking instead of mailed statements.

51. Seek out rebates on energy star appliances.


52. Read newspaper,magazines ,books online.

53. Send e-card instead of purchasing cards.

54. Download software instead of disc.

55. Borrow books from libraries.


56. Pack your lunch in reusable containers instead of plastic bags.

57. Buy clothes from eco-friendly brands.

58.  Do not dump hazardous materials.

59. Rain water harvesting.

Thus one can follow the above steps and help the world GoGreen. These are just a few steps , there are much more for which one can attend GoGreen seminars or find articles related. Lets make a world better place and save planet earth. What are you waiting for ? Lets GoGreen ! #EarthIsCalling. Happy Earth Day!
Save nature! Save Earth !
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This post is written for campaign by Green Yatra for more follow

Studio NH 47, a Bangalore based band, has created this video and song for Earth Day that falls on April 22nd each year. I am in love with the song hope you like it! 

Earth is Calling 

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 


  1. I'm impressed by your ideas. If we follow at least half of it, we can help our mother earth for sustain and live longer.
    A great post!

    1. thank you so much :) glad you liked it simz :)

  2. Wonderful ideas, Sachin. A very comprehensible post :)