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Friday, 17 April 2015

My Favourite park - FPFS day 1

Couple of day ago I got a chance to visit park in my home town i.e Shimoga which is named after Mahathma Gandhi. It is so peaceful with so many trees around. It is more than 20 years old.  The park is so having so many things which can make anyone happy. It has a aquarium which is having so many fishes of different species, a train which will take its passengers on a journey along the park amidst trees, swimming pool which is so refreshing, various art work at every corner which is beautiful,place for kids to play and musical fountain. The park will be lit with lights when its night and its treat to watch! Here are some of the pictures .

The entrance of park with trees and fountain.

The famous train in the park!

A big tree with its reflection in lake.

It also used to have crocodiles,ducks,hippo,deer and so many animals but they are shifted to some place as it was difficult to maintain I guess. Everytime  I see the train in this park reminds me of Hogwarts Express and the big tree nearby lake is my favourite! This park has so many memories  since i have been to this park ever since I was kid and its my favourite.

Me with my favorite train ! :) 

This blogpost is written as part of Five Day Five photo challenge (FPFS) for which  I am tagged by my best friend and blogger who inspires me to write Namrata. Thank you so much Namrata !

As a part of challenge I want to tag one more best friend Simran who writes beautiful poems and stories along with wonderful clicks! 

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 


  1. Such a beautiful park <3
    I like the third picture
    Thanks for the tag Sachiiii

    1. i clicked it ;) you had to like :p thank you for reading ^_^

  2. Oh my God! Sachin! The photographs are stunning. Proud of you, dear. Waiting to see your next post. :D

    1. thank you so much namrata :) means lot to me :)

  3. The pic of the tree with reflection in the lake is awesome! Loved it Sachin.

    1. yea even its my fav place :) thank you so much for reading :D