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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Together : Memorable trip with Family

Each one of us has got memorable moments , it can be with closest friends , family or pet you love. I would like to share one such memorable moment considering my family. Its one such moment where I got to cherish the beauty of nature , Indian heritage and culture and gave me much more strength to look upon my future.

Recently  I had been on a trip to Kalasa , a holy temple town located in Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka. It is renowned for its famous temple called Kalaseshwara dedicated to Lord Shiva. The trip was planned all of sudden mainly to visit temple and seek blessings as we just had house warming ceremony. To say about my situation I was kinda tired and sick and upon that I had to travel.  I thought it would freshen up my mind and was expecting it to be fun trip. 

Me along with parents and two of my aunts who love me so much left Shimoga early morning. On my way, I couldn't stop clicking pics of rising sun and clouds which was a bliss to watch. I showed the pics to mom and she loved it. That was a good start for the day and so as the trip. We had a stop for breakfast and had idli and vada. It was so tasty!! trust me! It was some village , and village people have a skill of making food extremely tasty. Once we had breakfast the next destination was Kalasa. We stopped exactly where the village is famous for , yeah the Kalaseshwara temple. It was not my first visit to mom's native and so as the temple. I had been

Family <3 
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Me enjoying the nature !

Isn't it amazing? 

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Mom's school :)

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there for 3 times or 4 and to add to the score I got a chance yet again to be there with my family.  The moment we entered the temple it made me think about last visit . It was just a year ago, but there were so many changes considering my life and family. It made me wonder how time flies so fast and brings change. Everyone went inside the temple and prayed the deity. I prayed with all my heart , to give me strength and so as my family. It was really peaceful. It gave everyone enormous pleasure as we sought blessings from Lord Shiva. It was not just ordinary temple but which had great history , proof was the art and sculpture which was chiseled on rock that the temple was made of. 

I got a chance to see old scriptures written on rock, it made me wonder how people used to live in village in olden days. I clicked few pictures of those and went on to reach next destination i.e Horandu , which is famous for Annapoorneshwari temple. One my way I got to visit two to three temples which was yet again peaceful and gave me strength. I got to visit my Mom's school. School building seemed so old and my mom was very happy to see it so was I.  Today my mom is a Psychiatrist and I felt very happy  and astonished seeing that this school has made my mom who she is today, where my mom's supposed dream of being doctor has come true. 

While coming back we had been to Amba theertha , where the river narrows down to a few meters. The river Badhara has a short rocky bed, the continuous rush of water has left interesting carvings on the rocks. Locals advice people to be careful entering the water due to strong under currents and whirl pools.  This place is about 5 Kms from Kalasa town. 

Amba theertha is named after goddess Parvathi. This place has a ethcing on the rocks where the pandavas and draupadi are shown with Akshaya Pathra.

This trip with my family not only made me happy but It gave me strength and inner peace and more important and very needed inspiration. I have been with my family to so many trips and we have been together always and got chance to enjoy and cherish so many moments. By the time we reached home that evening It was like a dream and I was so happy and I felt i was lucky to be part of this family I have which I love with all my heart. It was a journey which were we were together  #together and I got a chance to learn #lookup so much.  

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Keep Smiling :)
-Sachin Prabhu B


  1. Lovely post, dear Sachin! May you be blessed with many more such great moments of togetherness.

  2. Beautiful writing.
    forcing the reader to imagine the thinks you have mentioned..
    I think now its the time you write a full book(novel)

    1. Thank you so much bro :) thanks for thinking i can write a novel, still need lil time :)

  3. Time spend with family especially in trips to some beautiful places provide us with the much needed solace. It is really so important to unwind from the daily stress of life and enjoy.
    Loved the pictures, Sachin :)

    1. yea had lot of fun :) come to karnataka diiii ;) thank you so much :) ^_^

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