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Sunday, 22 March 2015

What does Happiness mean to you??

Happiness is very important part of human endeavour. Approaching each day with positive attitude contributes to overall well being.  Every person in this world strives to reach some position or gain something the reason being happiness. It might differ with people , as each one has own definition of happiness. Its a perception. Happiness is not a thing its a state of mind. 

Can we really define what happiness is ? strange fact is to define happiness one has to experience the opposite of it . Humans seem to have infinite needs , with this  can we be perfectly happy? It can be things like we happen to see at usual day , or a person's genuine smile, or some beautiful flowers , blue sky ,walking amidst green trees, moments with friends the list can go on and on.

 When I came across question "what does happiness mean to you?" it made me think about small things that we get to experience in our life. 

Happiness is being loved. Being loved for what you are irrespective of position in society. It is being loved for how truly you are from within , your soul and not about the external beauty.

Happiness is being there with family, one whom you can hold on to and cherish your life. Family does play a major role in one's life and it does drive towards your goal. 

Happiness is having friends whom you can trust and who shower love and support no matter what happens.

Happiness is working towards one's goal to reach a state called success. 

So is happiness is all about success, friends ,family , love ? there are certain things that makes one define happiness . What about money ? Money does people all things in world , things get worse when it comes to money , for state of being happy people turn to greedy and it does lead to destruction of one's own self.

Money can make lot of things easier , it does help in getting some sort of happiness it can be buying clothes , car and most needed food for one's living and help in paying bills but need for gaining more money in fulfilling rest of greediness is bad for one's own. 
I won't equate money with happiness. Really don't think in order to be happy one needs to be rich. If you believe to be rich to be happy , majority of people in world would never be happy.

As I said happiness is little things which we feel each day , its those little things like feeding a dog or cat, watching bird fly, it is the freedom which you can live in your country , it is walking along the sea shore, standing on top of hill watching your city experiencing the wind, clicking pictures and creating memories for future , watching movie which can help you relax and in some way inspire you, read books and transform you to better person , lend money to poor and needy in return of nothing but their smile , being acknowledged and proud for your achievement by family and friends, watching the stars twinkle in the sky , being loved unconditionally ,travelling around the world,experiencing new things each day as life throws challenges  for us, knowing the soul within us, the strengths and working on our weakness . If that is what happiness is , that's what one should do and live for rest of our life without worrying much and make each day count and enjoy the journey of life and keep smiling and spread happiness.

So that's what I feel about what happiness is. What about you? Do leave your views in comment section.

I was inspired to write this post for 
"Coca-Cola International Day of Happiness" by Coca-Cola India . Watch this video for more such moments of happiness.

Keep Smiling :)
-Sachin Prabhu 


  1. This is so beautiful and I can't deny to any of the facts you mentioned. True happiness resides in small things and are priceless. Like watching a sunset, birds chirping, peacock dancing <3

    But it's sad, we often define happiness in terms of money. That is because, being deprived of money is the worst pain but then being rich isn't enough to make us happy.

    A very well written and philosophical post. Love it :)

    1. Thank you so much simiiii :) so glad you liked it :)

  2. I am going to pick some of your good lines for my page :)

  3. Loved reading your views on happiness. I do agree with them. Keep writing. Cheers!
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

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