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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Look up : Story from my childhood.

Life gives us so many opportunities to prove ourselves. Sometime we will fail to achieve the goal , but giving up wont help , trying again must be the approach. In this post i'm going to share one such moment from my childhood which gave me a hope and confidence that anything can happen if we believe in ourselves.

I was kid who was average when it came to studies back then and computer science is one subject which always made me so happy apart from science. I used to get excited when we had computer lab and ran towards lab and enjoy each session to the fullest. Well we were supposed to learn about paint app in windows and as I used to play games and use paint app in my dad's office this was not new to me. Rest of the students were not introduced yet. I used to draw solar system and colored each of planets and used to lose myself completely into the world of paint app. When it came to test I used to get average scores but not full marks.

Little me back then :)
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Once it so happened it was computer science class and ma'm was supposed to read out marks loudly. I hated reading out marks so loudly. Why should other know our marks ? that was the question I had. Ma'm said only one has managed to score full marks this time and some of the girls who were considered as toppers waited for it with lot of curiousness. I was least bothered about this announcement. Some of the girls screamed names asking ma'm did they get full marks and ma'm answered no to each one of them. Now it was something more curious , its not from the girls who were considered as toppers. It made everyone wonder who could it be? To my surprise , I got one hell of shock when ma'm called my name. It was me who had got full marks!! I think it was my first time and  I didn't knew what to do. I was so happy !! I just went to the stage and got my paper back. It felt great sheer of pleasure to see every answer marked correct with red ink and see 25/25 at  the end with "very good :)" . Some of the friends were happy for me and the so called toppers i believe were kinda jealous. Maybe they believed they had a competitor now.

"Optimism is the faith that leads of achievement; nothing can be done without hope"
 - Hellen Keller

It was one among memorable moments for me. I was the person who thought "what can i do? Me get full marks ? stop kidding! " but it was the fact I had done it. From then on I studied well and later on was not just an average student. I was among toppers of college and school . This is one such instance which filled me with optimism and future. I used to look up my seniors who scored really well and later on I reached that place where some people wanted to be like me. Believe in yourself ! So who do you look up to ? You can be reach great heights if you #lookup and believe in you. 

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Keep Smiling :)
-Sachin Prabhu B