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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

One special day with my sister :)

It was 30th March 2015. I got a voice message from my sister in whatsapp, I was excited to see it because we had planned to meet and thought it would be about same. But life is always about surprises and this was one such moment and it was bad news. My sister is crazy about dogs ! like real crazy and has two dogs. 

It so happened these dogs were fighting and my sister tried to separate them and those two adorable dogs being angry at that time must have forgot how caring my sister was about them and bit her hand!! she was hospitalized as she was bleeding so much!also had to get injections. She was sad that she couldn't meet me because of this tragic thing. As the voice message ended I was in shock. I was almost in tears wondering how my sister was. It had been so many months we met and I was so eager to meet her and now she was hurt I couldn't hold any longer I wanted to meet very moment no matter what. My sister said she was ok and said me to calm down and we decided to meet next day noon for lunch. 

Everytime I meet my sister I will get chocolates for her and now she was not well and I could feel she was going through lot from voice message she sent me and  I wanted to make sure the next day will be special.I wanted to see her happy. I wanted to see her smile and forget every pain she had. At that very moment I got an idea to make greeting card. Greeting card wishing her to get well soon. I never tried making one before. I just used to sketch but greeting card was new to me . I decided i'l spend rest of the night making it and had dinner and got my set of pencils and oil pastels ready by 12. Yea it was midnight! I got a sheet of paper and thought of what to sketch and how can I make this card such that my sister will feel happy about it. Dogs being my sister's favorite and the one responsible for hurting her I thought to include dogs in my sketch and make a greeting card. It was around 3am by the time I finished sketching and filling colors. Every time I sketch I pour my heart out and get involved in it and this being for my sister it meant lot to me. I tried every possible way of making card good with minimum tools I had at the very moment. I guess would have made it even more better if I had got few color papers. Now the card was ready and I tried to make envelope for it. I tried doing it but wasted two sheets as it was so late and my head was hurting I din know what I was doing to make the envelope look pretty. It was not coming in proper shape. Decided to make it early morning I slept thinking about my sis and couldn't wait to meet her with card.

It was 6 am I think , I got up and tried making the envelope. I even got help of youtube and It really worked and got the envelope real neat! I got the card and placed it inside envelope and also decided to place chocolates which I had got for her just like always. I couldn't wait for clock to strike 1 pm. Yet again Life is always about surprises and we agreed to meet evening as my sister had some work in office. Yea she was going to office even though was hurt ! I was worried how she would work.

Finally it was 7pm and we met! I was so happy seeing her after long time and yet worried about her hand thats the first thing I asked about. Hand had got little swelling and it was almost recovering. Now that I felt she was ok I got her  the card I made as we went inside cafe. She was surprised to see the card! Once we got seats in cafe my sister saw the card and I could feel my heart beat. She was happy , the way she opened it like a kid asking if it was really for her ? and wondering how good it was. I was happy seeing her smile! "Its so cute! thank you so much so sweet of you" thats what she said after looking at it. Being crazy about pics just like me she got her iphone from bag and posted it on instagram very next moment. I felt like mission accomplished when I saw her happy! 

Greeting card with chocolates :)

Me with  my sister <3 

Here's the card :)

We had a great time that evening. Had dark forest ice cream, cappuccino and butter nuggets.It was special evening indeed.We spoke so much and enjoyed! Clicked few pictures to cherish. Back when I reached home I couldn't stop smiling ! I was so happy and felt so content I made my sister happy.I always follow my heart this was one such moment where I tried making it special for my sister.I believe we should always follow our heart and it does help in creating magic and bring happiness in life. 

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Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu B


  1. It made me smile. You are extremely sweet and loving Sachiii :)

  2. I hope your sister is fine now. There are a very few people who care for us truly. Relation of a sister and a brother is based on such true care and concern which is reflected here. I am very happy to know how much you love your sister. Reading things like this naturally brings a smile on face. This deal was really a dil Ki deal. :)

    1. yea she is fine now :) thank you so much namrata ^_^

  3. hey did your sis read this? so thoughtful of you and very cute! Good job!