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Thursday, 7 May 2015

New League by Kapil Dev : #EkNayiLeague

Kapil Dev , on hearing this name every Indian would probably think about cricket and captain who lead team India win world cup in 1983. Now Kapil Dev is all set to bring a new trend or new type of league which seems exciting . There's only few videos on web where Kapil where he gives few celebrities how they would fail if they listen to their heart and play the league. 

As per the above hint where playing with heart might lead to failure , I think the game requires to be played with help of mind and lot of attention which might be fun to play. 

It might be new concept in India where a common man will get a chance to show off his skills and might win some cash price which could be life changing. The Legend might host the show on TV or its just some league which takes over period like month or week and at the end of period the best one wins the cash price. It can be online contest too again with same criteria of limitation of time and cash price to be won. 

The legend has joined Twitter and is new to technology and speaks about how twitter is about saying one's own feelings to world that means there could be feature where one could communicate with legend directly about the league. 

Kapil Dev in one of the video of promotion for League gives a message to Sania about how he feels proud that like in big country like India how girls are showing interest in sport and making it among top list and feels proud about Sania. This might be a hint where  Legend is telling that even women can participate in this league and make it count. 

Kapil also gives message through video to celebs like Dhoni, Yuvraj and Kapil Sharma on how this game is going to be interesting and only playing with heart wont be enough and keeps it more suspense that might want anyone who watches video to endup in thinking about what the league is about and how could this be life changing and how can it be related to celebrities and how fun it would be to play this league. 

Since legend stresses that this type of  league is #EkNayiLeague it really must be new to India and this must have been never happened in history of TV show if it is about to be launched on TV like show or if it is online contest. It gets people new exposure and that might lead them to showcase their talent to the world with this new platform or League which legend is speaking about.

I like to conclude the post by hoping this league will be a trend setter and makes it own mark just like Kapil Dev who made mark in worldcup winning the first worldcup for India. Hope this League changes so many lives and bring happiness. My best wishes to the team.  

If you want to know more about this league do follow - #EkNayiLeague

 Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 


  1. I wasn't interested in this campaign ;) So the secret about this league is finally out? :D

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