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Friday, 16 January 2015

Its 2015 : What's your resolution ?

Hey folks!! Happy new year 2015 ! It took me 15 days to come up with my first blog post this year ! The reasons being 1st week I enjoyed lot!  2015 starts with journey to Hogwarts ( yes I'm reading Potter series) and shopping with friends for novels ! 2nd week being sick with throat pain and fever from which I am still recovering. That dint stop me much from enjoying I did read novels and watch one great movie called "Theory Of Everything ". It did inspire me lot and made me fall me in love with Science even more and Life !  

Pic says all :) 

Had Strawberry after ages! 

One among my fav singers noticed my tweet !

Me with Buzz Lightyear ! :)

One among my Best Friends,blogger and one with good heart Priyanka !

Famous Public Utility Building,Bangalore which is bliss to watch. 

Novels Novels Novels ! 

Got blessings from Lord Krishna , Iskon Bangalore

My roomie Sachin (yes my name ! ) , Had a great time roaming garden city Bangalore

Historic HigginBothams!

Must watch movie ! Theory of Everything! 

So 2015  New year , new dreams time , everyone comes with resolutions (Guess even you have one) and tries to follow them and breaks them next day without realizing. Maybe 1st resolution must be not to break one. I don't think of resolutions and stuff when it comes to new year. I go with how life goes on and I'l try to enjoy it. That doesn't mean I'm careless or lazy. I do have some set of goals.

I've decided to make some resolutions and note it down this time and well make it to blog infact.

1. Involve myself in reading i.e read novels (50 when it comes to goodreads challenge )
2. Learn new things, new programming languages in this sense.
3. Develop apps.
4. Get a DSLR and go on with my hobby of clicking pictures.
5. No matter what keep a smile on face and stay strong.
6. Ofcourse Blog more which I dint last year.
7. Try to write short stories.

This must be enough I guess for now,lets see how it goes.Do let me how new year is going for you ? and resolutions if any. 

I want to end this post by my favorite quote by Stephen Hawking

"However difficult life may seem there is always something you can do and succeed at"

Keep Smiling.

-Sachin Prabhu B