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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Try and try again till you succeed

Have you ever felt so low that things are not going right with your work and you feel like giving up ? Have you felt like “No I can’t make it anymore” ? Have you felt like why am I failing even though I am trying hard to win? Well here’s a story I want to share. Maybe after reading it you will change your perception.

It was bright sunny day and Neeraj is on a journey to God’s own country that is Kerala for holiday with his parents. Neeraj is a 9 year young kid who is a cute kid, mischievous and loves adventures. He is excited as he is going to Kerala to meet his grandparents who live in a 200 year old big royal palace.  Neeraj and his parents reach the huge palace. As it was midnight by the time they reached they slept once they reached the room.

        Neeraj gotup in a shock to hear a loud sound . He woke up and ran in a direction of sound and as he was going he met his dad and asked him what was that big loud sound? Dad got hold of neeraj’s hands and they both went out of palace. Dad showed him a gigantic animal with big trunk. Niraj was seeing it for first time.  It was elephant ! well it was not just one elephant but it was around 10 elephants trumpeting. He was so happy to see them. Among the elephants there was a baby elephant playing with its mother. Neeraj wanted to touch that baby elephant. The guard came and separated the baby elephant from its mother and chained it to a tree. Neeraj was sad to see elephant chained. After a while Neeraj’s dad took his son back to palace. Neeraj wanted to be with elephants but his dad din’t allow him.

        That night when everyone was asleep adventurous niraj sneeked out of palace and went to see the elephants. He just wanted to see the baby elephant so desperately. The baby elephant was tied up with strong iron chains to a tree near it.He went near it and touched the baby elephant. He felt immense happiness! He was with the baby elephant for hours ! he dint even realize it was late. Neeraj’s dad somehow gotup and to his shock his son was gone out of bed! He wokeup his wife and told his son was gone! She was scared! He searched the palace but couldn’t find his son. He got out of palace. He was bewildered. He went to see if his son is with elephants he saw his son with baby elephant! He dragged him and asked him are you nuts ? you are with an elephant in middle of night. Poor neeraj just said he wanted to touch the baby elephant.

 By that time guard who takes care of elephants also came out of his sleep. Neeraj asked him why is the little elephant chained ? he wanted him to get rid of  it. He was surprised to see that big elephants are just tied with loose rope to a tree. The guard replied that elephants try to get rid of chains when they are young. By the time they get big they will be in state of mind that they think its chained with strong chains even though its just a mere rope.  So the trick is to tie the elephants with strong chains when they are young and by the time they get big they won’t even realize they are so strong they can even uproot a tree even though it is tied with a rope. The big elephants won’t even try to get out because once upon a time even it was chained to a tree and it had tried so much back then. It’l be in a state of mind that “No! I cant make it anymore”. That is how elephants are tamed.

      So from the story we can see how gaint elephant gets itself into a state of mind that it won’t even try to get out even though it has got the all the strength in the world to uproot a tree and destruct everything around it but is just held by a rope!

       All I wanted to convey from this story is Never giveup! What if you are failed to get rid of problems once try again! You never know how strong you  are unless you try again. Don’t giveup! Face the problem with a will that you can solve it. So what are you ? strong elephant who has no hopes has all the strengths or baby elephant who fights the problem bravely ?  

Keep smiling J

-Sachin Prabhu