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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A Dream come True !! My Visit to Bangalore Literature Fest 2014

Have you ever made a wishlist and wondered if it'd come true? Have you ever thought in your wildest dreams that you'd get a chance to meet a person whom you follow lot? Have you ever traveled alone to an unknown place with lot of hopes and dreams? 

My answer is yes,  28th Sep 2014, I had been to Bangalore Literature Fest after doing last minute decisions even though i had planned before month i was not sure i'd be attending this as i had a project to complete. This was literally like an adventure for me!! Just like the Hobbit, Bilbo  who leaves the bag end and comes out of his comfort zone and goes on an adventure to Lonely Mountain, I had been to fest with lot of hopes and expectations of meeting my favorite author Preeti Shenoy, One among the great celebrities in India and one among so down to earth person I know !!  and my blogger friends Gayu di and Jayanth whom I met in Facebook. ( Facebook does help in getting good friends for life! ) 

I was sleepless previous night as I had made the decision to go to fest and was awake till 3 coz of excitement ! My heart said just go and attend the fest coz of 2 equally important  reasons. 

1. That i'd be meeting friends whom I probably donno when again i'l meet.
2. Meeting my fav author! 

So I got to hear my mobile ringing morning and i saw the time it was 9am !! I was running late out of time ! I got ready in half an hour and had breakfast and reached Majestic after so many odds which I had to face! To speak about odds I din get proper food in pg and when i went to hotel I got the food late and when I ran to get the bus I got into a wrong one and eventually made it to Majestic !! I made it to Volvo bus which i like lot and with lot of excitement and thinking if I could make it before 11 am . I thought i'd be getting up early which I dint and thought it would be late now. But the Volvo went so fast in the busy traffic on Sunday morning that I made it on time! It was so sunny I could feel happiness in air ! I couldn't believe I was on an adventure on my dream was about to come true. 

Once I reached the venue I called Jay and I was so happy when I heard him on phone and later met him in person. The Venue Crown Plaza , Electronic City was so peaceful and was like a park. We both went to the  place where Preeti Shenoy and few more authors were about to speak on Love and relationships. Once I reached I met Gayu di and her friend Prema !! I felt even more happy !! Next I met Satish sir !! Preeti ma'ms husband and I was stunned for a moment and I couldn't believe this was happening !! I shook hand and then we all sat in 2nd row with Satish sir on 1st row. I was wondering when will Preeti ma'm come and I saw actress Tisca Chopra on stage! I was like OMG!! after few seconds I turned my attention to left side of stage and i saw lady with long hairs and in pink dress and in astonishment I realize its Preeti Shenoy my Favourite Author!!!!! My heartbeat rised and I was on cloud9 !! I couldn't believe my eyes! I couldn't stop smiling !! All of us enjoyed the session and got to hear so many views about love and relationship. 

People who spoke were : 
Vijay Nagaswamy, Preeti Shenoy & Milan Vohra | Nandita Bose

'Live life to the fullest' says Preeti ma'm and I just make a mental note of it. Once the panal discussion was over ma'm gets down from stage and goes to left side of stage and we people go and stand next to her with lot of excitement !! For my badluck I forgot to get a notepad to get autograph!! Ma'm enquired was there any trouble reaching the place and shook hands . I still couldn't believe this was happening !! It was like a dream!! Gayu di asks for group pic for which ma'm agrees and later we get individual pics with ma'm. And later I requested for an autograph for which ma'm agreed and I got a Gayu di was kind enough for getting a diary. Finally my wishlist was coming true ! I told ma'm it was dream come true as she signed and it was in my secret wishlist for she smiled and my heart skipped a beat !! Later each of my friends got autograph and then ma'm preeti m'am n satish sir left and we were smiling as it was dream come true moment for us!

We attended even more panal discussions later which was hilarious and even more interesting . I saw Padmashri Girish Karnad and heard him speak. It was awesome! Later we had lunch and got hold of juice in scroaching heat even though it was so lushy with trees. We spend some time speaking and enjoyed lot till evening which i can go on writing even more and eventually bid farewell. Gayu di was kind enough to get an autograph with a message! I felt so touched when gayu di hugged me . I felt like I was spending time with my cousins ! I thought I made right decision listening to my heart and came to meet Jay and di since i knew it was not possible anytime soon again!

Here are some of pics ,

I'd like to thank Preeti Ma'm for autograph and so much love :) and Jay and Gayu di for so much of memories and love :) <3 Hope we will be meeting soon again :) At the end all I wanna say is "Listen to your heart ! " Dreams do come true!! Chase it !! 

-Keep smiling :)

 Sachin Prabhu B


  1. Lovely Sachin :) I hope you had a great time :)

  2. woooieee .. priceless n wonderful memories i guess... aws picx :) (Y) happy fr u :)

  3. It was amazing reading about those magic moments your secret wishlist came true in. It's so sweet of Gayu di writing a note for you... :) I can feel excitement in your words,Sachii. Great photos n memories :) Wish I could too join you all someday :D

    1. Tnq so much Simi :) even I wish to meet you soon :) ^_^

  4. Hi Sachin, I completely agree with you. Indeed it was a lovely moments & wonderful memories to be cherished lifetime

  5. Dream come true
    If dreamer are passionate :-D

    Awesome Day

  6. wow... while reading this post it felt like my dreams were being fulfilled... i too cherish the dream of meeting Preeti Shenoy, my favorite Indian author... and blogger friend Namrata(Privy)... :) i hope i will one day...

    1. Thank you so much :) hope your dreams will come true :)