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Monday, 16 June 2014

Down the Lonely street

It was late midnight
Down the lonely street
When all the stars were out
I chose to have a walk 
Alone in the street

The street lights were glittering
The street was wet with water 
As it had rained
I walk down the street 
Enjoying the cold breeze

The street was so quiet
So quiet that i found peace
It made me forget all the pain
And brought a smile on my face

As i walk along the street 
The roads took curve 
Ups and downs
Just like life has 

It made me think about people 
Who were with me 
Sharing my joy n pain 
And rest of people who just fake it

 I reached home
With the thoughts in mind 
And feelings in heart
With a smile on my face 
As the walk taught me lot
Lot about Life.

Keep Smiling 
- Sachin Prabhu :)


  1. Yeah that was some walk , perhaps the walk of life! Loved reading it.

  2. Is it your college life that you are talking about here as a journey that's more like life? If yes, then I must say that my journey was much like this.... :)

  3. Very nice poem, for sometime, i felt as if I was walking on that street.
    Enjoyed it a lot......:)

    1. tnq so much :) glad u enjoyed it ^_^ keep visiting :)

  4. Aww !! yea nw i get it ;) ... ' walking alone teaches lot ' :) curves n slopes .. ups n downs .. well this is hw life moves ... !! jst smile abt evry thing n move frwd :) ... (Y) n this one .. touching :D keep writing .... ^_^

  5. wow beautiful bhai !! :) so good ..