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Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest up your life

          Life, as we know it, is a series of events; some of which we love and some we hate. Sometimes there comes a time when our life takes a huge turn and things change so much at once. But gradually things start falling back to their place and a certain routine is set. Once this is done, life is more or less same,monotonous! But who would love to lead a boring life? I definitely don't! If there is nothing that can zest up your life, break that monotonous routine and bring a smile on face, then such a life is worthless! I am lucky that I have a few things and people on my list, who can always bring back that zest in my life. Here are the top five of that list

 1. My Family:
            Being a single child, I have always been pampered and loved to the core. There was always someone with me, when I needed, be it my mom (who is my world), my dad and my two aunts. I am blessed to have them in my life. Whenever I was tensed, a chat with them instantly lifts my spirits. They guided me when confusion clouded my vision and believed in me when I lost faith in myself. For me, they come first and their company always cheers me and strengthens me.

 2. Friends
               True Friends are like gems; they are hard to find. And often there is a chance of confusing the gems with the pubbles. But as time passes, we understand who real friends are! I am blessed to have a few such friends who have always stood by me, no matter how worse the situation was! They have filled me with courage and helped me keep persevering without giving up, when that seemed the wisest choice! They make me smile when I am sad and in their company, I forget the pain. Friends definitely make my life better.

 3. Photography
                  I am a nature lover and I love to capture different moods of nature with my Nokia Lumia 720, my companion in this pursuit of mine. Its not only nature, I also love to capture wildlife, still objects and most of all, I love to capture smiles. I wish I could preserve all these smiles safely and through them spread happiness in the world. Going through the pics I clicked always fills me with joy and makes my heart proud if the picture has turned out too well. And oh, did I mention? I love to smile for the camera too!

 4. Sketching
                    A hobby I picked up recently. I had seen so many of my friends post pics of the sketches they made on facebook and had always admired it. Though I had drew few things back in school days, I had never thought of taking this as a hobby again until I was left with no choice but to oblige under the pressure and threats made by my friend and oh, I am glad I did. I hadn't expected the outcome to be so beautiful. Many loved my sketches and of lately I have even received some requests to make their portraits. When in stress, sketching is definitely something that works as a stress buster.

 5. Music
                    I cannot imagine my life without music! Music has divine powers. It can soothe your mind and fill you with peace. At the same time, it can energize you and leave you refreshed and ready to take up on the next task at hand, that you have been putting off for too long now. That is how music is to me. No matter what my  mood is, a dose of music is all it takes to pick myself up and get back on the track. Afterall music is magic and it is definitely something that zests up my life to a great extent!
The list can go on. But for now, I have to stop at five, as these were the top 5 on my list of things/people that zest up my life. What is it that zests up your life? Do let me know.

PS: This post is a part of the Zest Up Your Life activity in association with TATA Motors Zest and

Keep Smiling :)
- Sachin Prabhu 


  1. Nice list Sachin :) Good luck for the contest :)

  2. In that case, your life is as beautiful as heaven. You have enough of things to zest up your life. :) You are a great person, Sachin. :D Keep smiling!!!!

    1. tnq so much :) even i'm happy to have u as my frn :) you too keep smiling namrata :)

  3. I love it!! :D
    You are blessed to have love from family and friends. They makes life complete.... And Wow! so many talents in you :)

    I like those sketches and already am fan of your photography :D
    Super, dost
    Good luck to you!

    1. tnq simran :) ^_^ :) keep visiting ;) tnq for kind words :)