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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Dream come true moment once again!

It was 13th Dec 2014  , It was once again a dream come true moment for me. I had big day ahead. I was going to meet my favourite author Preeti Shenoy again!! I had got invitation for the book launch of “It Happens For A Reason”. I couldn’t be more happier. I was in my home and I had to catch train to Bangalore the same day early morning. Previous day I had planned a surprise , I thought of gifting the sketch I made to Preeti ma’m. I wanted it to be framed. I had to roam 2 to 3 shops to get it done and finally got it by 10pm. The journey to Bangalore was good. I read few chapters of novel called “Insurgent” by Veronica Roth and later Taylor Swift’s album 1989 was on repeat in my mobile. I plugged in earphones and enjoyed the songs while the train was zooming towards Bangalore with top speed amid green trees, blue sky and along the farm . I finally reached my PG by 1pm and after lunch I thought of having a nap but I forgot to turn on alarm. I gotup with a big shock around 4.40 while my plan was to leave the place by  4 to reach the venue where the book launch is going to be conducted. The venue was “Royal Orchid”.  I got 3 novels which I had to get signed and the sketch and raced towards bus stop. I met some guy in bus who was kind enough to inform me the bus which I had to take from Majestic. I got into the bus which was supposed to go near Royal Orchid and I was just keeping track of where I’m In the map I had. It was exact 6.30 by the time I reached the venue . The street where it was kinda spooky with no vechiles . The street lights were completely off ,while the street which joined this one was full of vehicles and was difficult to cross

Once I reached the venue ,  I saw a big Christmas tree , it was beautiful. There were so many people at reception especially foreigners. I enquired at reception and finally made it to the hall where the book launch was about to happen. I was alone this time.  Still I searched for known faces, but there were none. Not even ma’m and her husband Satish sir was there. I just stood there waiting while a lady came and told it’l be a  while and doors will be opened and thanked us for making it to book launch. While I was lost in thoughts I hear a girl little elder than me call my name. I was surprised she knew me and she even knew me birthday which happened to be few days ago and wished me. For a moment I was wondering if it was angel who came to rescue as I was alone this time. Few min’s later I get to know she is distant relative(sister) of mine. It made me even more happy !! Her name is Sridevi and she is a content writer. Here’s the blog links -” and " ". I love them.   I show her the sketch I made and she said preeti’s  gonna love it! I really wish she did. Then I happen to meet Prats Rajesh who is wife of famous Kannada music director Rajesh Ramanthan. I was happy again ! I donno how should I say this . I’m already happy and with this surprise I’m more happy !  I follow her blogs. Here’s the links – “” and ""

      Book launch - chairman of hotel,Preeti Shenoy,Shinie Antony

Finally the doors to the Autumn Hall where the launch was opened and me and my sister entered first as we were next to doors waiting. I say I’m first ! I was  so excited. We reach the first row and just sit watching the trailer of the book which was being played  on projector. For some reason it was even fun to watch that !  After few min’s everyone gather and the hall Is full of people who is eagerly waiting for launch. The hostess welcomes us and calls chairman of the hotel, Preeti ma’m and Shinie Antony who is also a writer, on stage and my happiness knew no bound. Preeti ma’m was looking so gorgeous in blue dress ! It was like dream!!! Within next few mins the book was launched and Shinie ma’m asked few questions about the book and Preeti ma’m answered it. Preeti ma’m read few lines from the novel. After while we were supposed to ask questions . Initially people were silent and then hands started rising. It was fun. One girl said she followed the pattern of using color pen for assignments as mentioned by Preeti in her 2nd novel and she got good grades for that! Even I asked one and my sister got a chance to ask little later. The question answer was more like I knew already as I follow all the interviews of Preeti. I was wondering why the chapter names were not there in the novel while 3rd novel had so beautiful names which were actually songs. I loved those names actually. I got a reply that as it was song names she named it in 3rd book and in rest of novel it dint matter coming with names.  I still donno why I asked it actually. Maybe I was more excited and confused. Later I get all the books signed . Preeti ma’m was so humble that she signed the books and returned it. As I was about to get she made sure she has written my name. She wrote “ Dear Sachin “ for each one and  returned it. Now I was on cloud9. I take the sketch from my bag and gift it to ma’m . It was birthday present from me with lots of love. It made her happy I guess she smiled and said wow and thanked me four times. I was still not sure if it’s a dream or real one!   Of course it was real. Here are some of the pictures which I love.

Yay got it signed!!

My dream come true - With Preeti Ma'm

Me with my sister

The amazing cover of novel

Sketch I made with lots of love 
                                    Me with Prats Rajesh

Its Preeti ma'm birthday tomorrow and i'd like to wish for the same 

- Keep Smiling :) 

Sachin Prabhu 


  1. Am Happy for you Sachiii :) Glad to read this beautiful venture in detail. *Precious moments*
    Many many happy returns of the day to Preeti ma'am :)

  2. It was really niceeeeeeeeeeee :D

  3. Wow you are such a sweet fan! And the sketch is so close to life.