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Saturday, 20 December 2014


Each one of us have friends , some stay for while and some stay no matter what with us and be a part of happiness and grief. Today I want to share my experience about a TV show which I'm in love with. One day I went to one of my Friend and borrowed the TV series called FRIENDS. The name caught my attention. It's about 10 seasons and I got about 8 with season 4 and 5 missing. I decided that I wont watch till I get all the seasons. It happens to be 2 years while I borrowed those missing seasons and I started watching it. I remember it was somewhere in 2nd week of July I started watching and I never enjoyed any TV show like this before !  

Each episode of FRIENDS starts with a song called "I'll be there for you " and it suits the title exactly. Its a comedy series about 6 friends who live in New York , in the struggle to find happiness and success. 
The characters are 
Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) 
Monica Geller (Courteney Cox)
Phoebe Buffay(Lisa Kudrow) 
Joey Tribbiani(Matt LeBlanc)
Chandler Bing(Matthew Perry)
Ross Geller(David Schwimmer). 

Rachel Green a popular schoolgirl in past, who is rich and spoiled loves to spend money by her Dad, who escapes her marriage and runs into her old best friend Monica in a coffee shop where she meets rest 5 people who she'l be friends with. Monica is sister of Ross Geller and she is a compulsive neat freak, one who was fat in college who almost ate everything ,being teased in college and she is chef at a top-restaurant in Manhatten. Ross Geller , elder brother of Monica, is paleontologist who is kind, honest ,smart ,sweet guy who had feelings for Rachel in College. Chandler is roomate of Ross in college days , financially secure data professor , is funny , smart and is afraid of getting into relationships and a cigaratte addict. Phoebe is brought up as a fearless child and she is a lovable hippy , ditzy , loves to play guitar with her famous song "Smelly Cat", and works as a massesue. Joey is budding actor who lives with Chandler ,who eats lot and never shares his food, always gets the girls by his catchy line "How you doing?" , who wants to be successful actor.

It was always fun to watch all these 6 people and literally they made me cry and laugh . There's so much to learn from them. Each one of them is good from heart , lovable ,kind  obviously funny. Each episode of 10 seasons was so fun and I never knew how time went. Even though all characters are fun ,its fun to watch how Joey and Chandler.You cant stop laughing !! They are the best. There are other characters too in the TV series which come as the story moves forward and lots of twist and turns .

These 6 people hold on together and meet at Central Perk each day for Coffee and begin their day with friends and go to work and meetup later and have fun . 10 seasons , 10 years (1994 - 2004) and its 2014 now  and it still makes each one who watches laugh! For a TV show to go for 10 years non stop with huge fan following is a big thing! I would like to Thank each one for making this show and entertaining . I'm sure this show can make further generations to laugh . Wish they had a re-union !

Do leave your comments below if you have seen friends and if not do watch it !! I insist !! Watch the interview with bloopers.Its fun!


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