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Thursday, 9 July 2015

UC browser : Surf if All ! Surf it Fast!

In India Cricket is one sport which everyone follows most. It is not just a sport but can say its  a religion in India. Here’s a blogpost how I would stay connected to game without missing out little things that make life worth while.

Internet plays major role in one's life today. It helps to connect people around the world. But connecting doesn't make it better. It has to be fast and secure at same time. With help of smart phones one is able to connect to people,browse through sites, get to learn just a click away. Browsers play a important role when it comes to accessing sites. The reason why I am saying about browser is I make use one browser which helps me to keep things updated. It’s the same browser which I’l be using to keep things updated when it comes to cricket. It is UC browser!! 

Four to Five years back I had to rely on tv and news for updates on cricket. For full details of match I had to depend on news paper of next day.But now invent of smartphones and apps has made easy. Its just a click away.

UC browser has got separate corner for people who love cricket and its called UC cricket.  It helps me follow news of cricket world. Result of matches. Ball by ball detail of every match. It not only gives details of international matches but also domestic cricket.

When it comes to India and Pakistan match people go crazy. Things go like bunking classes , people leave work and go home to watch match , shops with tv will be occupied with people watching match. But everyone can’t do that. Amidst serious work and studies people choose to follow game in their own way. In such cases apps like UC browser helps to save time and keep people updated with surrounding world along with cricket.

Back in college days I remember it was time of worldcup match between India v/s Pak and everyone decided to bunk last class to go home and enjoy match. Streets look deserted. Facebook news feed was filled with scores and updates. It was indeed a great time.
UC browser has got feature which enables user watch cricket live. It wont consume much data and streams at faster rate. User can get to choose ball by ball details in text mode and follow favorite team or player. This might actually help students without bunking classes to follow cricket.

So what are you waiting for ? go grab the app from store! its available for android, iphone,windows, symbian and blackberry

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Here's what brand ambassador Yuvraj has to say 

Keep Smiling :)
Sachin Prabhu 


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