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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Book Review : Without you

Title: Without you
Author: Preethi Venugopala
Publisher: Write India
Number of Pages: 198
Price: 150 [INR] 
Genre: Fiction/Romance

The Blurb :

When Ananya, a bubbly twenty-year-old engineering student, reaches her Grandmother's house in Sreepuram on a month long vacation, romance is the last thing on her mind. However, she meets Dr. Arjun there and falls head over heels in love.

As it often happens, the path of true love never runs smooth. Circumstances force them apart even though they were madly in love. She becomes a victim of depression. When everything fails to return her to normalcy, help arrives from an unexpected source. Will she ever find happiness again? Will time allow her heart to heal and forget Arjun? What indeed is true love?

Travel with Ananya to the picturesque Sreepuram, face the chaos of Bengaluru, and relish the warmth of magical Dubai in this heartwarming tale of love, betrayal, friendship and miracles.

My Review:

The story starts with Anu , an engineering student visiting her grandmother in a village called Sripuram. Maybe destiny had it she meets charismatic and smart Arjun who is a doctor as per his passion even though he owns great empire of multi million dollar company inherited from family. Anu's Grandmother Ammamma plays a role of cupid and brings together two souls. Ammamma's role is so heart warming that reader will definitely enjoy. But, there's a twist in tale. When Arjun Ananya love story takes uphill few misunderstanding leaves them fall. Emotional trauma leaves Ananya in kind of depression longing for Arjun while her friends Poornima , Khushi support her as best friends. Ananya returns to Bangalore concentrating more on her career along with her passion for art. Will Ananya forget Arjun? What made Arjun leave his angel Ananya? 

The author has described the tale so well that it makes one want to read what happens further. What  I really liked is each chapter starts with a quote and it makes one ponder. I fell in love with the cover of book when I saw it first time also the title. Character which i really liked is Amamma. She is simple and sweet. The story remains close to my heart. As a debut author Preethi has done commendable job as novel is really unique and stands out. If you believe in love story then "Without You " is the book to read. What are you waiting for? Go Grab the book!

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My Rating : 5/5

About the Author:

Preethi Venugopala is a Civil Engineer by education and an avid blogger, artist by passion. After working in many prestigious civil engineering projects for more than a decade, she quit her job to become a full time mother. Meanwhile, she took a Masters Degree in English Literature to complete her dream of studying English literature. She tried her hand successfully at crafts, crocheting, portraiture and painting before venturing into writing.

She has been published in two anthologies, 'The Second Life' and 'Blank Space '. Another anthology 'Á Little Chorus of Love' is to be published soon. She is a regular contributor to many online magazines and websites. She strongly believes that storytellers are healers in the present world as they can change the outlook of people through the stories they tell.

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